About Dive with Mar

Marlyn “Mar” Smith has been diving for more than 25 years & has instructed for over 15 years. Mar has complete access to all of the Great Lakes. She is also involved in many Ontario diving organizations and activities; such as the South Western Ontario Divers’ Association dive club, to which she has provided 23 years of dedication and is currently serving as Vice-President for the 2011 dive year. Mar is also an active member of the Ontario Underwater Council, Save Shipwrecks Ontario and is a friend to the Sarnia Underwater Club & the Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit. In the past, Mar has been associated with the Avro Arrow Recovery Team and was a founder of the non-profit group Great Lakes in Depth. As a diver, Mar is certified in all levels of SCUBA diving, including specialized cave diving. Mar can teach and certify her students through professional instruction agencies such as SCUBA Divers International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI), Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) and Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Marlyn logs over 120 to 150 dives each year in a wide variety of challenging diving environments and is qualified to train in the highest level of technical diving offered in Canada. As known by her friends, students and colleagues, Mar is a cave diving enthusiast, and one of the best all round divers to buddy up with. When you learn how to dive, why not learn from someone who dives the talk?

Marlyn can not tell you enough about the wonderful ways learning to become a SCUBA diver has enhanced her life. Now, she is devoted to sharing this experience with everyone. Life under the water is always exciting, whether you are enjoying beautiful coral reefs or reliving history by exploring the secrets of a sunken shipwreck in our bountiful Great Lakes. The underwater world will offer you endless adventures for years to come.

Training Facilities

Marlyn teaches Open Water classes in many locations depending on the size of a class as well as seasonal changes. In the summer, Mar opens up the Dive with Mar pool which is heated and consists of three platforms at varying depth - perfect for SCUBA instruction! With great scenery and changeroom facilities available, this location adds to the class experience.

The other locations that Mar frequents for class and pool training are the YMCA in London, the YMCA in Sarnia and the Mooretown Sports Complex. Please refer to specific classes in the Calendar to find out which location they are being taught at.

See our Contact page for Dive with Mar's location.